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MessageSujet: INTL NHF   Mar 24 Jan 2012 - 22:03

Hello les RM !

Voilà, ya les NHF qui organisent un INTL (quésaco ??)

Bon c'est une petite compète nascar : 2*nascar, 2*fullspeed et 1*oval nascar.
Ils m'ont demandés si on voulait participer et qu'on était les bienvenus Smile

Le nombre minimum de joueur est 6 par équipe, max 16.
Si on est pas assez, j'ai un ancien NHF (hagrid), Leschantsde, Tofinoo et Kicha__. Ils voulaient que j'y participe avec eux Smile

Les inscriptions sont jusqu'a fin janvier, et les entrainements sur la map sont du 6 au 20 févriers (si j'ai bien compris...)
La date de compète euh....

Il faut deux leaders (un principal et un secondaire)

Pour le moment ya les team : MAO, UC (pleins de vieux potes et de gars plutot doués la dedans ^^ dont mon ancien collègue ecerer --> faut le poutrer Very Happy), BC, SCT, WAZA POWA(??), NSC

Voici le lien de leur forum pour les inscriptions : http://intl.forumpolish.com/

Et un petit copié collé des règles (en anglais)

Pour le Fun !!!


INTL 2 Official Rules

1. Start date and the match dates
The tournament starts on February 6, 2012 with releasing the first mappack. Since that moment each participant has two weeks for playing the first match, until the second mappack release (20th February). The end date depends on number of participants.

2. Tournament registration
The Administration Team waits for the registration till the end of January 2012. You can sign up your team in two ways according to the formula below:
By registering at the forum and writing an application in the right section
By sending an e-mail to nhfnascar@gmail.com

Your registration has to include: List of players, nicks and e-mails of TWO team-leaders. You can also include your team website. Incomplete applications won't be taken into account.

3. The INTL Administration Team
The INTL Administration Team will watch over the correct flow of the tournament (i.a. judging the matches). Currently the Team consists of: Toporr, Pepino, Silos, Shaddy and Lesław. The Team reserves the right to change the Team squad during the tournament.

4. Tournament system
Depending on the number of participants, there are two possible tournament systems:

4.1 Nine or less teams - we'll use the "peer to peer" system. In case of the odd number of participants, each round one team will pause.

4.2 More than nine teams - the participants will be divided into 2 groups, playing "peer to peer". Two best teams will reach the semifinals and the winner of one group will meet the second team of group two and vice versa. Winners of the semifinals will play each other in the Grand Final, and the losers of semifinals will play in the match for the third place. Group drawing will be organized.

4.2.1 Anyone willing can watch the group drawing on the INTL server between 1st and 5th February 2012. Firstly, a random person will be selected. The person will be aksed to leave the server for a moment. An administrator will assing each participanting team with numbers from 1 to X (C means the total number of participants). When the selected person will get back to the server, he/she is going to say some random numbers, assigning so teams alternately to the groups.

5. Team squad:
Everyone can take part in INTL 2, irrespective of his country, age or belonging to any team. However, there some conditions:
You can add or erase players any time you want, just by writing it in the correct topic at this forum. New players will be allowed to play in the next round (they cannot play in the running round).

Being a member of two teams is forbidden. Leaving the team and joining another participant during the tournament is also forbidden.

You can choose your team until the end of January 2012.

The minimum number of players is 6, the maximum number is 16.

6. Team leaders
Each team has to be represented by two team leaders, who will be responsible for the team squad and match dates.

7. Maps
Each mappack will consist of 5 maps (2x NASCAR, 2xFull Speed, 1xOval NASCAR) and will be published every two weeks from Monday, February 6, 2012. Interferencing in the maps' structures and the number of laps is forbidden. Each mappacks will be published at the tournament forum.

You can send us your own tracks (max. 5 maps per one author). The more tracks sent, the higher level of the tournament we can provide Here are some requirements:

NASCAR tracks: length - 1-2 minutes per lap, 2-4 laps, at least two bilboards with the league logo; using your own bilboards is forbidden
Full Speed tracks: length - 45-80 seconds, no multilap, at least two bilboards with the league logo; using your own bilboards is forbidden
Oval NASCAR: <20 seconds per lap, 20 laps, at least two bilboards with the league logo; using your own bilboards is forbidden; the track has to be symmetric

Every map has to be new, never published before and called with the following scheme:
$o$440〓$w$4efINTL$m$440〓$4ef $ffeSeries $4ef01
Adding at the end of this name, number in accordance with the queue (the first round - the numbers from 01 to 05)
Every map that doesn't meet the requirements will not be taken into account. Sending your tracks to the organizers mail nhfnascar@gmail.com, write your TM nick, please.

8. Arranging matches
Team leaders decide each round when and where to play their match (we will provide a forum section concerning the matches arranging). In case of lack of agreement between team leaders, an administrator will take the bit in his hands - he can evetually choose his own date and the teams must agree with the decision.

League matches can be played in two weeks after releasing the round's mappack. Every match date must be written at the tournament forum at least two days before the match day (as if it won't take place right after releasing the mappack) to give some time for choosing the judge.

9. Scoring
The NASCAR and Full Speed maps will be held in the Team mode, point limit 5 and the maxpoints depends on number of players taking part in a match (not more than 12, not less than 10). Each round won by a team is one small point for the team in the league table.

There is only one round played on the Oval NASCAR map, but 7 points are possible to gain there (TOP2 get 2 points, players on places 3-5 get 1 point).

The maximum number of points for one team is 27. In case of the same number of points for each team, there is a draw.

10. Flow of the match and changes in the squad
Each team needs to have 6 players on each map (despite of the Oval NASCAR, which is going to be held 5v5). Maps can be played in any order (we suggest to play the Oval NASCAR as the last map). If a team starts a map with 7 players in the squad, one of them should retire right after the start. Always do a few warm-up laps. If you notice a lag during the warm-up, say it. You are not supposed to start a round if you experience problems.

If a team doesn't show up at all, their opponent receives 2 big points and 27-0 in small points. A team that arrives more than 15min late might be forfeit. Anyway it's not a rule - you can change the match date if both teams agree.

11. League table
Teams gain 2 big point for a win and 1 big point for a draw. The total number of big points decides about the table order. If two or more teams have the same number of big points, the difference of the small points. The next standard deciding about the table order is a match between two drawing teams and the last standard is the number of small points won.

12. Timetable
The league timetable will be available after the signup period and before releasing the first mappack. Any changes in the timetable won't be possible.

13. Match judging
Each INTL2 match should be controlled with a judge, chosen between the Administration Team. In case of lack of judge, teams can play the match, but they are required to deliver the score with screenshots.

13.1 Judge's tasks:
adherence to the rules

writing down the scores on each map - making screenshots

solving any problems

14. Appropriate behaviour
14.1 If a team can't finish the match with sufficient number of players, their opponent might agree to play 5v5 or 6v5, however playing with only 4 players is forbidden and it is forfeit.

14.2 Conflicts: Laming, Cheating, Abusing, Moaning and all other bad attitudes will be stopped right away by giving the opponent's team one bonus point or even by kicking the player out of the match.

14.3 If a player lost his connection during a round, judge should stop the race (except a situation, when somebody has already reached the finish line). Team can replace the player left, but if the player get back to the server on the same map, he cannot play on the map anymore. He's allowed to play from the next map.

14.4 If a team has only 5 players, their opponent might agree to play 5v5. Otherwise, judge can allow to play 6v5.

14.5 If a rule problem occurs, report it immediately to a judge. Only the team leaders can talk about the situation. All complaints after the match is finished won't be taken into account.

14.6 At the forum, also behave appropriately, please. Extreme cases might lead to some penalties, including removing the whole team from the tournament.
14.7 In case of lack of screenshot, both teams' leaders should confirm the score at the forum.

15. Resignation from the league
If a team decide to resign from the league after its start, ALL the teams' matches will be replaced with foreits (2 big points and 27 small points for the opponent).
If a team decide to resign right after publishing the timetable, a new timetable will be prepared by the admins.

16. The INTL server and the match server preparation
16.1 A special INTL server will be available during the tournament. Players can join it any time they want to train for the INTL as the current round maps will be the only maps there. The Time Attack mode will be set on the server.

16.2 The INTL server will be available for all participants to play the league matches. In case of choosing the INTL server as the match server (you should write about the decision on the league forum at least 2 day before the matchday), an administrator has to set the correct server settings. The decision about choosing the match server must be consulted between both teamleaders.

16.3 The match server has to work in the Team mode, point limit 5 and the maxpoints depends on number of players taking part in a match (not more than 12, not less than 10). Oval NASCAR maps will also be played in the Team mode, but the map ends after one round. In case of playing on your own server, the judge must get the administrator rights to control the flow of the match. Any other server administrator or operators action are forbidden.

17. Prizes
17.1 Each member of the winners team will receive a special ingame tag.

17.2 To vary the tournament, an individual standing will be created. At the end of the tournament, the player with the best average ranking on the INTL server overall will also receive a special ingame tag.

17.3 Each round, the INTL Administration Team will choose six best players of the round. The best player in this category will also receive a special ingame tag.

18. Support
If you're interested in developing the league, send us some coppers, please! You can do it simply donating the INTL server.

19. Rule changes
The INTL Administration Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time - the changes will be presented in this topic.
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MessageSujet: Re: INTL NHF   Mer 25 Jan 2012 - 1:51

Pour du Nascar je serais présente j'espère =) !
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MessageSujet: Re: INTL NHF   Mer 25 Jan 2012 - 14:38

ok pour la participation, et vu qu'on peut être jusqu'à 16, j espere que d autres RM se joindront, pour le fun Smile
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MessageSujet: Re: INTL NHF   Jeu 26 Jan 2012 - 16:54

Je serais en congé pour une semaine (ski !!!!!!!!!) à partir de demain, donc je ne pourrai pas faire les inscription sur le site :/
En tous cas, incluez y moi évidement Smile
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MessageSujet: Re: INTL NHF   Jeu 26 Jan 2012 - 19:50

Wink si vous avez besoin je ferai l'"effort ! top

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MessageSujet: Re: INTL NHF   

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